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The Buccaneers’ single-season scoring record is 131, set by Matt Bryant in 2008.No, no one is tanking or even thinking about tanking, Michael.Those things considered and where we were with the front sevens that we were playing the first two weeks, all of that goes into game planning and whether or not you’re going to hold the ball a little longer to get something downfield.Everybody is very focused on this game ‘I can assure you of that.Fields clocked a 4 40-yard dash time during his pro day.

That position is an opportunity to contribute right away.In some ways Lance makes a lot of sense because Matt Ryan is going to be Atlanta’s starter this year so if they were to draft a quarterback, you’re drafting him knowing he’s going to sit for a year, and I think Lance probably does need that given he’s coming from a pretty small school program and doesn’t have a lot of reps.Evans made a sliding catch near the right sideline two plays later to pick up 18 yards to the Washington 43.Last year he still managed to lead the team in total first down touchdown blocks with 25, total knockdown blocks with 28 and total intimidation dominant blocks with 12, according to the University of Texas website.The effect of donating dinner once a week to the ministry campus reaches further than just helping feed those families and residents.

He’s having a heck of a year and when things are good, he’s got 20 touches.I like our guys a lot.If there was a position I could see a rookie coming in and customize my own jersey it would be at defensive tackle, as the team could be losing Ndamukong Suh to free agency.It was a heat-of-the-moment gesture as Winfield came up with a crucial pass breakup and wanted to playfully remind Hill of his actions the last time the two teams met in Week 12.

was a little bit late on it and it probably a better decision to go somewhere else with the ball.The problem is make your own baseball jersey there is too much grey ”I thought one thing, you thought another.’ Whoever is right or wrong, it doesn’t matter.The first couple days of practice, I’m sure you guys have noticed it, we got a chance to make a lot of plays and I like custom made jerseys a lot.Its nothing short of that in my opinion.We had some tight throws and receivers did a good job of holding on to the ball and making plays.

Dalton dropped a 14-yard pass down into the hands of TE Jermaine Gresham in a hole in the zone to get the ball a yard past the midfield stripe.We had opportunities and sometimes we made the play, and sometimes we missed the play.He’s a tight end, he’s a running back, he’s on special teams.

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